Donna Turner

I created this blog as a way to share the beauty I see in sometimes surprising places. I hope seeing my images and reading my thoughts blesses you and causes you to see with new eyes.

Contact: I’d love to hear your thoughts on the photos and musings that I share.
Do you have ideas you would like to share with me? Email [email protected]. Or simply comment below a blog post. Thanks!

Coming Soon! If you’ve been looking for an ethical side-gig that could benefit people and the planet, contact me to be among the first to know when it goes live. Starting date: June 1, 2024.

Connect: Find me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. If my photos bring you joy and you’d like to support my work, you can make a tax-deductible donation at Horizon Gate. Shop my designs on Redbubble to see the photos on clothing, objects and cards. If you care about the environment and are interested in natural wellness, check out my shop HERE.

Collaborate: Do you have a project you are working on that might benefit from some outside input? Tell me about your idea and I might know someone who could help you get it going. Maybe even me! Through Horizon Gate Productions, we have worked with many different types of projects, including video, live performances, scripts and books.