Distant Blossoms

Santa Ysabel West Preserve, photo by Donna L. Turner One of My Happy Places Santa Ysabel West is one place I like to go when I just need a little PEACE. It’s only... READ MORE

A Person of Few Words

Personal Story Have you been wondering why my blog posts are relatively short? That’s because I am a person of few words. In fact, in the 70’s I created and directed a Mime... READ MORE

Trinity of Freesias

Good things come in threes – is that what they say? Last Sunday was Trinity Sunday, so I’ve been thinking about that mystery lately. And I imagine that these three flowers sprang from... READ MORE

Surprised by Light

Discovering this flower was a gift to me at a time when I really needed one. It was a sign to me that there is always hope; that God’s love can show up... READ MORE

Iridescent Succulent

Succulents are always changing and bringing new surprises of beauty and quirkiness. Here is a poem by Mark R. Turner that speaks about the importance of light: O, Light,Who healingly leaksThrough us in... READ MORE