Distant Blossoms

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Santa Ysabel West Preserve, photo by Donna L. Turner

One of My Happy Places

Santa Ysabel West is one place I like to go when I just need a little PEACE. It’s only 50 miles away, so it’s perfect for a day-trip. Even though the entrance is right next to a main (2-lane) highway, it’s possible to walk for an hour and not see another human. Cows graze peacefully along the way, and sometimes leave deposits on the trail. Watching your step is a small sacrifice when you are able to experience the natural beauty of this unique habitat.

The meadows are full of surprises. At first glance you might not see much, but a closer look reveals tiny blossoms and curious insects. Now and then even a snake might saunter by.

The day this scene appeared we were on a photo expedition to find illustrations for Mark Turner’s next poetry book, From Space Dust to Cities, pictures & poems. Some of my photos are included in the book, including the one you see here.

Here is the poem that my photo illustrates:

There is a blossom somewhere
Which none have seen
Or will see
Except the passing creature,
Feather, fur and scale;
The bug on the ground
Below it or flying
As to a storehouse of provision;
Trees sensing it from deep below
And overhanging;
The air which it colors
With reflection and touches
With aroma carried on the breeze
Just a small distance
For a short season.

Mark R. Turner
Sept. 15, 2020
Snowdrop House

This book is now available on Amazon! See it HERE.

Things to know if you plan a trip to Santa Ysabel

It’s open from 8:00 am to sunset, daily.

Bring water, since there is no water available. The only porta potties are in the parking lot.

Dogs are allowed on the trail.

No benches along the way – we bring portable folding stools with us.

Coming from San Diego, it takes about an hour and 15 minutes. After your walk, the historic town of Julian is only 8 miles to the east. Try some apple pie!

Have you been there? Tell us about your trip in the comments.

  1. Thanks for reading and experiencing the mountains with me. I will think of you when I get my first whiff…

  2. That sounds like my experience. I’m so glad you can relate. Thanks for mentioning birds. That’s a very special part…

  3. Donna, radical trusting in His abundance speaks to me, as we consider our budget for this year. I can relate…