View from the Trees

Laguna Meadow – my peaceful place

This photo is from 2016, when we camped near this meadow for 10 whole days! In just one month we are going back to Mt. Laguna for some much needed escape from the city. As you contemplate this photo, see if you can hear the blue jays and woodpeckers calling to their friends. Can you smell the pine fragrance? The smell of pines is the first thing that hits me as we drive up into the mountains. I open the windows and let the fresh air in.

What’s that wire?

See the wire that runs parallel to the tree line? I considered trying to remove it, but then I started thinking. I came to the mountains to get away from crowds and get quiet enough to hear God speaking to me. So I choose to see that wire as a communication device, reminding me to listen amid the silence of the meadow.

Where do you go to get away? Please share.

Since it is almost officially summer, would you share your favorite places to get away for some peace and quiet? We could all use some ideas. Thanks. Comment below.

2 Responses

  1. Kirby Kendrick

    I smell the Pines also! Thank you, Donna.

    • Donna Turner

      Thanks for reading and experiencing the mountains with me. I will think of you when I get my first whiff in July!