Iridescent Succulent

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Succulent Flower
Iridescent Succulent, Donna L Turner

Succulents are always changing and bringing new surprises of beauty and quirkiness. Here is a poem by Mark R. Turner that speaks about the importance of light:

O, Light,
Who healingly leaks
Through us in beams of glory,
Make us beautiful.
O, Scent of life unquenchable,
Overcome the fear of destruction,
That ruin shall not be our dreams,
But always sprouting from the covered floor
Bright range of red and yellow
Reaching green unto the blue.
O, on our tongue invade our being all inside awakening
Stings and memories,
Satisfying fellowship,
Savory baptism in steam uncovered
Among the loved ones.
O, Thought upon the hearts,
Stir words connecting soul to soul to soul
Singing love,
A temple built together
For Your dwelling.

Mark Robert Turner
December 24, 2001

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