Ragged Point Discovery – Japanese Anemone

Japanese Anemone

Last summer I visited Ragged Point for the first time. It’s perched high on a cliff above the Pacific Ocean. I was walking along the edge and just happened upon this flower. Like so many of my photos, this one is a result of a take-your-breath-away moment. Would you agree that this Japanese Anemone would be just as beautiful if it hadn’t been growing along the walkway, but hiding somewhere no human could see it? It could have been facing the ocean at the top of a cliff.

Hidden Beauty

Maybe a passing seagull might see the ocean-facing flower. Or, who sees the beautiful crystals hidden underground or deep in a dark cave? Worms, bats?

Think about how the sun is still shining (somewhere) when it is dark outside. Where I live, the city lights block our view of most of the stars. I like to think of them out there, hidden from my view, but shining brightly none the less.

If you will take some quiet time to contemplate, you might see the majesty of creation in this tiny flower. Look deeply; expand the photo, see the play of light on the petals. The center is like a sun, with rays coming out all around it. Focus on the hairy stems, the fuzz on the buds. Think of what’s inside the buds… So much depth in one little flower.

A Recurring Theme

My husband Mark and I often wonder about the hidden things. We also think about our own art, which is hidden from most of the world. Here is a poem Mark wrote about this intriguing concept:

There is a blossom somewhere
Which none have seen
Or will see
Except the passing creature,
Feather, fur and scale;
the bug on the ground
Below it or flying
As to a storehouse of provision;
Trees sensing it from deep below
And overhanging;
The air which it colors
With reflection and touches
With aroma carried on the breeze
Just a small distance
For a short season

From the book, Space Dust to Cities by Mark R. Turner, Sept. 15, 2020 More on horizongate.org/books.

I hope you will share with me your own thoughts after reflecting on the beauty of nature. What a perfect activity to celebrate Earth Day!

  1. Thanks for reading and experiencing the mountains with me. I will think of you when I get my first whiff…

  2. That sounds like my experience. I’m so glad you can relate. Thanks for mentioning birds. That’s a very special part…

  3. Donna, radical trusting in His abundance speaks to me, as we consider our budget for this year. I can relate…